Barry's Year of Gratitude
Day Whatever - Yeah, I know…

Okay, It’s been ages, but I’ve still been grateful all over the place.  Great stuff happening these days.

I’ve been writing like a fiend and I’m super grateful for the space I have to do that.  More on that later.  

Helenna and I put up a hot little animated web series called Girl and Boy and it is doing great on a bunch of different platforms including youtube and daily motion.

I’m grateful for my animation partners Jason and Tai up in the Great White North who are now helping me put together 4 kids picture books for Kindle et al, based on my Freedom the Polar Bear characters.

I’ll be chillin’ with all my AMD buddies at the end of the week which is always a treat, (although I’m fighting something so I may have to make my nights early ones for a change).

And the sun is shining here in SoCal, so is my wife, and every day is a gift.

Gratefully, Barry

Day 99-106 of My Year of Gratitude - The Flaming Holiday Pin Cushion

The Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica where I was turned into a giant pin cushion by the fabulous Jenn, who also did some cupping that left me looking a bit like an octopus had attacked me.  Pretty awesome session, and I’ll be back for more!

My little Scion xb that just keeps going and going up and down the highways, never complains, always starts, and gives me great sight lines.  It’s a gem!

The upcoming Holiday Season.  If for no other reason than there are more days sitting in front of the gas fireplace with H, while watching TV and eating great food, I get a charge out of the Holidays and the whole vibe.  I have The Grinch on vhs, and Bad Santa on dvd.  Yeah, they are kinda related…

Our cats Madelene and Spooky, who continue to amaze us with their ability to be vibrant and playful and full of energy at 16 years old, (that’s 80 something in cat years), while managing to eat things they should not and then thrown them up on things like, my shoes, or the coffee table.  Here Spooky is probably looking for a good book to curl up with … and then puke on it.  Below is Spooky when he is living up to his name…

My wife Helenna for making me look so splashy and cool, like when I my demo reel was on the front of Actor’s Access today.  She shouted it out to all of her Facebook buddies and made me feel great.  I Love Love Love her!

The Lady at Ralph’s today who, while holding the 25 pound bag of carrots I had just purchased, looked at me and asked, “Think I can do it?”  I said, “I know you can!”  (BTW, Her hair was also the same color as the carrots).  She then heaved a perfect shot from the end of the bagging area right on the child seat part of my grocery cart - a good 7 feet.  She then turned like she had just shot putted the best toss of the day at the Olympics, dusted off her and hands, and disappeared into the unruly crowd of pre-Holiday shoppers without a word.  Not her first rodeo…

The security guards at our place.  These guys are always super helpful, always have a smile, catch burglars and keep other nefarious folks at bay, and are never too busy to help me get a package that’s been delivered.  One of them is a trained boxer, and is only too helpful when I have questions about adjusting my workout in the gym.  Great Guys!

And finally this week, I am grateful for Korea Town in LA.  It is true that there is a bit of a language barrier, but I now have my dentist, eye doctor, mechanic, and several other services taken care of just a few blocks from my front door, and I walk to them all.  This place is one of LA’s best kept secrets, and I love it!

Day 93-8 of My Year of Gratitude - Flibiditibit

Did someone say Daily blog?  I’m super grateful for the last 6 days for the following 6 reasons.

First of all, my little Scion Xb just keeps on going and going and going, and the radio works great, (with the exception of the CD player),

Secondly, National Public Radio, which keeps me informed, entertained, and educated as I sail the highways,

Thirdly, the undying spirit of the Occupy movement.  These guys are solid in their commitment to literally hold their ground and effect change through non-violent demonstration.  If only the cops could demonstrate some sort of commitment to non-violence, or at least follow Cookie Monster’s example above and just relax a bit with a good cookie.

Forthly, (might not be an actual word), my wife Helenna for being there for me through thick and thin, (not talking about my hair),

Fifthly for random acts of Fate that have worked their oddly timed magic upon my life lately, (some have consequences to be determined later I gather),

and Sixth and lastly, the return of Sunny skies, which helped to re-brighten my mood.  (Those grey days can be downers, Man).  Thanks!

Day 91-2 of My Year of Gratitude - Mr. Clean and Great Company

I am grateful for the feeling of living in a well cleaned place today.  We gave everything a good scrubbing from top to bottom, (except for the cats), and it really picked up the vibe of our little place.

Then, we had our good friends Matt, Sarah, and Adam over for some vegan enchiladas and vino.  We caught up on what’s new in everyone’s lives, all the dog and cat news, solved most of the world’s problems, and celebrated the release of Uncharted 3 which Adam worked on.  All Good Times, and I’m grateful for good friends!  Thanks!!!

Day 90 of My Year of Gratitude - Sleep……zzzzzz

Just grateful for a good night’s sleep, even though an alarm is going off at one of my neighbors’ place, it won’t slow me down tonight.  Thanks!

Day 85-89 of My Year of Gratitude - The Fabric of Life

Now that the weather’s turned a bit, I’m grateful for the fresh air in the morning, cool swims in the pool with warm sun hitting me a the same time, a little fog here and there, and a bit of hot coffee and a butter croissant in the AM.  Throw in a heat lamp if H and I happen to be outdoors at a restaurant and that is some perfect Fall living.  Thanks!!

Day 74-84 of My Year of Gratitude - Whew! (2)

I know, this is a daily blog, and so I’m officially grateful that I don’t feel anything but even more gratitude for being so many days behind in expressing the last 10 or 11 days of gratitude.  Yup.  Just grateful for the chance to be grateful. 

I was grateful for something every day I didn’t post, it’s just that getting that down in this blog was a supreme challenge.  So, in order:

fresh air,

that sparkly smell after it rains,

moments of absolute quiet,

the extra large Kit Kat chocolate bars that are very hard to find at times,

he awesome folks who build our highways,

whoever invented the game Risk, and then put it on the iPhone, 

the veggie burrito at Del Taco with mild sauce and a combo with part Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Diet Cherry Coke, (yes aspartame is evil but it’s only once a week),

my local Starbucks who now start getting it all ready when they see me come in,

my homie Tony back East (who is now living completely post-accopoclyptic with no power and 2 feet of snow),

having a job,

and finally having a job - again.

Life ain’t always easy, but like my Buddhist teachers remind me, (while laughing), pain and the tough times keep us in the moment, where our focus belongs.  (Then some of them would spit nasty beetle nut juice and tell me to go meditate some more…)

Despite all the turmoil happening, (not just around me I’ve noticed), I’m most grateful today for everything those Eastern teachers have given me over the past 25 years.  When things don’t make sense I can usually hear one of them, (often laughing), and eventually I bring myself back to inhale, exhale, and start again.  Thanks!  (spit).

Day 69-73 of My Year of Gratitude - Whew!

Without getting into too many details, I am grateful that there has been so much going on in my life that I have been, as my Dad would put it, “as busy as a 1 armed wall paper hanger, with an itchy butt”.  (That was the family friendly version).  

Usually, nothing spells prosperity in my life like being busy, so I am grateful for all the activity.  Thanks!

Day 68 of My Year of Gratitude - Back with my Girl

I am just grateful to be back with my gal Helenna!!!!!!!

Day 67 of My Year of Gratitude - Mom and Dad

Today I am so grateful for having had the past 4 days with my parents, Harold and Betty aka ‘Harry and Betts’.  Here you can see the spectacular 9 foot roll top desk Harold made for their church.  Mom stopped by to give it her stamp of approval.

It’s always tough to carve out the time for visits, and always well worth it.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!